15 FREE AI Websites that Feel Illegal to Use in 2024

The Internet is a crazy place, and the majority of it is still unexplored by us. There are some amazing things you can do on the Internet if you know the right websites.

So, in this article, I want to share with you 15 lesser-known websites that are absolutely free to use. These are so good that it feels illegal to know about them and to use them for free. So, here’s the list: 

1. PDF Drive 

This is a website where you’ll find more than 83 million ebooks for free, which is insane!! With this website, you won’t ever have to pay for pdf books.

Also, as you can see, this website is regularly getting updated, and they are adding more and more books. Whether you want to read fiction or nonfiction books, you’ll find everything here. Go check it out, the link will be in the description box below. 

2. Magic Eraser

Sometimes, we get unwanted objects that ruin our picture, but we can’t do anything about it. But with Magic Eraser, you can remove any unwanted object from your picture with the help of AI within seconds. 

This is a very helpful website and makes your photo better by removing unwanted items from your photos. Just select the eraser and highlight the portion you want to remove, and the AI will remove it within seconds, and you can download it for free. 

3. Visme 

Visme is a beautiful website that helps you create all sorts of visually appealing content for absolutely free of cost. Here you can create presentations, infographics, documents, videos, charts, and much more.

You will also find premade templates for infographics, social media content, presentations, ebooks, invoices, and more. It’s so easy to use that you can create aesthetically pleasing visual content with no prior designing experience. 

4. This person does not exist 

This person does not exist. This is a very unique and weird website that lets you generate photos of people who don’t exist in the real world; pretty strange, right? Here, you have the options of gender, age, and ethnicity to create an image that you can use for any of your projects- on social media or on your website.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this website- I think it’s pretty weird that it generates images of people who never existed in the history of this world. 

5. Remove.bg 

Remove.bg is an insane website where you can remove your backgrounds for free within a few seconds with a single click. This is a very helpful website, especially for content creators as you can remove the background and add a new one according to your choice. 

6. 12ft Ladder 

12ft ladder is a very helpful and lesser-known website that you should check out. It removes the paywall from online news articles and lets you read the article for free. 

I’m sure you all for once have experienced this- where a prompt pops up to buy a subscription before reading an article or else you won’t have access. In such situations, you can make use of this website. Just copy the link and paste it on the 12 ft ladder’s website and voila now you can read the article without a subscription. 

7. LinkedIn Carousel Generator by Taplio 

This is a very helpful tool for content creators- especially those who create content on LinkedIn and Instagram. Here you can paste links to your tweets or Twitter threads and it will automatically generate carousels that you can post on LinkedIn or Instagram. As you may know, carousels are a great way to boost engagement both on LinkedIn and Instagram, so go ahead and make your next carousel from this website. Link will be in the description box. 

8. Hoth Blog topic generator 

Hoth is a free website that lets you generate unlimited content ideas with its blog topic generator. You can enter a keyword or a desired outcome or your industry name and you will be loaded with multiple content ideas. This website also has various SEO tools to help you in your content creation journey. 

9. Otter 

Otter is a very helpful website that lets you record and transcribe your meetings in real time. It’s an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries. 

You can collaborate with your teammates in real-time and it’s compatible with all your online meeting apps like zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams, etc. Try it out on your next client or team meeting, it’s absolutely free. 

10. PFP Maker 

This is a very helpful website where you can change the background of your profile picture to make it more professional or casual depending on your need. 

This is a must-have tool to create pictures for your CV or for LinkedIn or for any important document. You just have to upload your photo here, and the AI will automatically remove the background and it will create dozens of variations of your profile picture with the help of artificial intelligence, and you can choose the one you like and you can also edit it further according to your needs. 

11. Landingfolio 

Landingfolio is a collection of hundreds of high-converting landing pages that you can take inspiration from to create your website, and it’s absolutely free of cost. Landingfolio features the best landing page designs, templates, components, and more for you to choose from.

You can also sort the websites based on their domain like SaaS, Product, Marketing, and many more. All these websites are visually stunning and absolutely free of cost. Try it out today and design the landing page of your website from Landingfolio.com 

12. Snapt 

Sometimes, when we want to post a link that’s too long on our WhatsApp or Instagram story, it becomes annoying and looks spammy, so this website will make the problem go away. Snapt shortens your link to any website or page for free and it’s the only URL shortener you will ever need. 

It also has features like smart targeting and in-depth analytics that will tell you how many people clicked on your link uband it tracks the analytics. 

It also gives you the location from where the person clicked on your link. It integrates with all the platforms you use- be it Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, etc. 

13. Legiit 

Legiit is a free-to-use platform that lets you sell services and courses. It also provides various courses that you can study- like SEO guide, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube SEO, and more.

Some courses you can take up for free while others are paid. Here, you can find and hire freelancers for a project or you can also register as a freelancer to find work in domains like SEO, Copywriting, Graphic Designing, Programming, and much more. 

14. Toggl 

Toggl is a time tracker that helps save you time and manage your time more efficiently during your workflow. This tool lets you take back control of your time and see where you are spending it and also syncs with your entire team.

It helps in Employee time tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Project Budgeting, and more (include footage from the website). 

15. Groove 

Groove is an amazing free website that lets you build a website for your online business and also builds a sales funnel to automate your business with this single tool. 

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