7 Examples of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day

7 Examples of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day

Perhaps when one reads the term “artificial intelligence,” one thinks of science fiction movies and books. But it shouldn’t. Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of reality as one more element and is very useful in different labor sectors.

Artificial intelligence is already one of the main markets to invest in the stock market. And 85% of European and American companies think AI should be a priority in developing their business. On the other hand, 35% of these same entities already use it directly or indirectly.

Unsurprisingly, the uses of AI or artificial intelligence are very varied. It is mainly used in research tasks.

Indeed, the examples of artificial intelligence are many. Without going any further, renewable energies are one of its greatest beneficiaries. Although, lately, the health sector is one of the most requested professional fields.

Find the population’s longevity, create applications on oncology, or investigate the pandemic; These are just some of his fields of study. In fact, in this last aspect, the Fugaku supercomputer stands out.

But if you were to wonder what artificial intelligence is, would you know how to answer?

Artificial intelligence: definition

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a specialty in research and computing. Using logical-mathematical mechanisms, orders are programmed into the machines with the aim that they satisfy the needs of people.

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7 Examples of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day

As already mentioned, among the main applications of AI, research in all its forms stands out. Science, R+D+i, innovation, and new technologies are applied to all kinds of situations and everyday life.

Here are 7 examples of the use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives:

1. Voice assistants, the most faithful companions

Voice assistants smart-speakers

Siri, Alexa, or Cortana; are names that some time ago would not have told us anything but that today are part of the daily life of many homes.

The first personal assistants were created in 2003, but it has been in recent years that they have become fashionable. Or, who doesn’t ask about the weather on their smart speaker? And the same when playing a song in the shower.

2. Smartphones: everything at your fingertips


Your Smartphone is, without a doubt, synonymous with artificial intelligence. From using voice assistants like the ones already mentioned to taking selfies; going through email. This all works, starting with AI.

In the case of email, for example, the different services use artificial intelligence to identify spam messages and emails with the possibility of viruses.

3. Robotics in everyday life: intelligent homes

intelligent homes

The so-called Smart or intelligent houses must be included in this list of 7 daily examples of using artificial intelligence. Automation has come to the home. Kitchen robots, showers with programmable temperature and music, lights that turn on by themselves or partying. Remember, of course, the popular Smart TVs, where you have internet access.

4. Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

On the other hand, it is worth noting the famous algorithm of social networks. Both the notifications and the content you view are predisposed by artificial intelligence.

The user experience is critical to customize your navigation. That way, if you’re offered the information you want, you’ll return more often.

5. GPS and geolocation systems in the car

GPS navigator-car-road-forest-area-closeup

First of all, AI is fundamental in the different navigation systems. For example, Google Maps notifies you if there is a road closure or the amount of traffic in real-time.

In addition, it is no longer strange to have a car with an emergency button. This activates a geolocator and notifies the authorities in case of an accident.

6. Buying online: the case of E-commerce

E-commerce online shopping

In electronic commerce, it is worth noting AI when it comes to personalizing your purchase. The featured products will appear depending on your tastes or searches carried out.

7. Cybersecurity in the office

Cybersecurity in the office girl-hacker-wearing-glasses-hoodie-while-stealing-personal-data-with-her-team

Finally, AI is used to improve cybersecurity, a fundamental aspect of your office. Cyber-attacks are increasingly present in all types of companies, which is why this section is also part of these 7 examples of using artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

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