7 Important Vitamins For Our Body – Vitamin Deficiency Causes


Hello friends, the changing seasons can noticeably impact our skin, hair, and nails. Wrinkles may become more prominent, and hair and nails dry and brittle. However, you can prevent these issues by taking care of a few simple things.

Essential vitamins then not only will your skin, hair, and nails be healthy and glowing but also keep the whole body healthy and strong these vitamins and minerals keep the skin, hair, and nails strong

Vitamin Deficiency Causes

People often say I eat a good diet, but that does not reflect my health and body. People complain of constant weakness and an inability to gain muscle or weight. A significant cause could be a deficiency of these essential vitamins.

I will tell you about the essential vitamins for the excellent health of our skin, hair, and nails and their names. Then I will tell you what you must do to make up for the lack of these vitamins in your body and how you.

You can maintain your skin, hair, and nails in good condition by consuming these essential vitamins in tablet or pill form. These pills/tablets are commonly available and will help you overcome any deficiencies of these vitamins.


Essential Vitamins For Our Body

1. Vitamin A

The first one is Vitamin A, which is essential for the excellent health of our skin. This vitamin helps to get rid of the old dead skin cells and also helps to generate new ones, which makes our skin healthy and glowing if this vitamin is deficient in our body, then the skin begins to get dry and wrinkly.

Eyes also find it difficult to see during darkness, a condition called night blindness, and hair begins falling out. Vitamin A capsules are available; if one capsule is taken every night after dinner for a month, the deficiency can be addressed well.

It would help to consume this capsule for less than a month; otherwise, this vitamin accumulates in the body and can cause problems. 

2. Vitamin E

The next one is Vitamin E. This vitamin is a potent antioxidant that protects our skin and body from free radicals, which cause decay and aging in the body.

It also gives a glow to the skin, helps clean up spots and blemishes, and gives a sheen to the keratin in hair. Vitamin E is sold under the brand Evion in Medical stores. You can consume one capsule of Evion every day after food. This capsule should also be consumed within a one-month-long course.

Otherwise, like vitamin A, vitamin E can accumulate in the system and cause problems. 

3. Vitamin D

The third one is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for our hair growth. If this vitamin is deficient, we lose hair, and our bones weaken. If you sit for 20-25 minutes in the First rays of the sun, then your skin can make Vitamin D in a reasonable quantity. This makes our bones strong and prevents hair loss.

4. Omega 3


The fourth one is Omega 3. Fatty Acids increase the circulation of blood in our system, and they also make the hair strong and also aid its growth. The body does not manufacture these fatty acids. That is why we need to consume foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Until now, all the 4 vitamins I have told you are found in Fish Oil, so every night, after dinner, you should consume 1 tablet of Cod Liver Oil, which goes by the name Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Capsules. This capsule can quickly compensate for the deficit of all these 4 vitamins in your body.

5. Vitamin C


Vitamin C is The fifth essential vitamin for our skin, hair, and general well-being. This is an essential Vitamin and a potent antioxidant. Keeping the skin and hair healthy and the collagen tissue in the skin is also essential. If there is a Vitamin C deficiency in the body, one can suffer from anemia, and wounds do not fill up that fast.

One can also experience hair loss, skin thinning, bleeding from gums, and falling teeth. Vitamin C is found in reasonable quantities in Amla, Oranges, Lemons, etc…basically, almost all citrus/sour fruits. You can make up a shortfall of this vitamin by taking a 500mg tablet of Vitamin C both in the morning and at night.

6. Biotin or B7

The sixth essential vitamin is Biotin or B7. This vitamin helps in hair growth and gives them strength and shine but mixing it in oil and then applying it to hair is ineffective, and so is applying it directly on the skin in the form of cream, as it cannot penetrate the skin.

That is why the deficiency of this vitamin can only be made up by ingesting the supplement for it. This is in reasonable quantities of eggs, bananas, sweet potato mushrooms, and fish oil. 

7. Iron

The seventh essential mineral is Iron which is not a vitamin. But if there is a deficiency of Iron in your body, then red blood cells will not be formed properly, and you will suffer from anemia. The food that you eat and all the proteins, carbs, fats, and nutrition contained therein are circulated and transported.

All over the body via the medium of blood, Oxygen, which provides energy to cells and keeps us alive, is also transported all around the body via the medium of blood. That is why it is essential to have a healthy amount of Iron in the system. That there is no condition of anemia in the body. If you suffer from anemia, your skin will be dull, and you will begin to get spots and blemishes.

There is also hair loss, and nails begin to become brittle and break, and one always feels tired. To fulfill the deficit of Iron in the body, one should consume 1 capsule of Dexorange Iron Supplement, after a daily meal, for 3 months.

This capsule can be purchased at most medical stores. Another important thing that one needs to keep Skin, Hair & Nails healthy and robust is Zinc Zinc helps in the formation of natural oils in the skin, which keeps our skin soft, and it also prevents the formation of dandruff on our scalp.

To compensate for a zinc deficit, you can take an excellent multivitamin capsule such as Becosules Z. Taking one capsule daily will cover the Zinc & Vitamin B deficit quite adequately.

Natural foods which contain all essential vitamins

The minerals and vitamins which can keep your body healthy and skin, hair, and nails strong and glowing are primarily found in Spinach, Fish Oil Eggs, and Whole Lentils. Vegetarians can consume Spinach and whole lentils, and Non-Vegetarians should consume eggs and fish. By consuming these foods in reasonable quantities, you can keep your skin glowing, your hair healthy, and your nails strong.

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