How to Earn 1,000$ a Month using ChatGPT? Artificial Intelligence Reveals Several Tricks

ChatGPT Website

ChatGPT is the most popular artificial intelligence app on the planet. The possibility of solving almost any doubt, advising on unknown subjects, and providing guides to carry out some tasks has captured the attention of people worldwide.

Well, within the different uses that Internet users have found for this bot developed by OpenAI with the help of Microsoft, several tasks appear with which they have been able to start earning money, a not unreasonable idea if one takes into account that most of the work will correspond to artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT Website

Writing articles with ChatGPT

It is one of the ways that users have found to generate income. According to ZipRecruiter, an average writer makes $68,690 a year, as much as $1,000 a month, a figure that could appeal to those looking for extra cash. ChatGPT can help research and type much faster, which could increase profitability.

Likewise, ChatGPT can help you write articles for any affiliate site that pays for content, so you can produce more articles than are normally produced, thanks to this powerful bot.

Manage social networks

It is a very practical way to use ChatGPT to earn money. This tool can help you generate creative and eye-catching content for any marketing campaign that helps you boost your clients’ businesses.

Extensions for Google Chrome

The topic of code generation has been one of the most popular, as ChatGPT has given developers a hand and has been of great help to those who have no idea about it and want to start their own business. In this sense, the tool can be quite helpful in helping design applications or extensions for Google Chrome.

Marketing campaign design

Combining the information from a sales group with a strategy designed by ChatGPT can bring good results in terms of return on investment. This bot can help find the target audience and potential customers so that the business flows best.

Man billed $1,280 a day thanks to advice from ChatGPT

In the midst of all this talk about ChatGPT, a man decided to ask him, literally, the million-dollar question, and seeking to generate profits, he asked the OpenAI tool how he could invest $100 to have a good return and earn money fast and legal, in one day.

The protagonist is the writer Jackson Grathouse Fall, who did to the letter what ChatGPT suggested and billed, in just one day, 1,280 dollars, almost six million pesos at the current exchange rate.

The first thing that GPT-4 did was propose to create a company called Green Gadjet Guru, ‘The guru of green devices’; this new company would have to offer products and services, so people have a sustainable lifestyle.

After this, he told him that he had to buy a web domain, a  hosting’ for his portal, in which he had to invest 5 dollars a month. He also advised her to sell specialized kitchen utensils, exclusive pet items, or ecological products; according to Business Insider, Jackson opted for the latter option.

The images for his page were created with another artificial intelligence called DALL-E, and he followed ChatGPT’s other advice: promote yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. In this last step, $40 was spent.

So far, it can be said that the tool had not revealed anything extraordinary to him; however, for the last step, which allowed him to succeed, GPT-4 was decisive.

The tool told him the best thing was to “sign up for an affiliate program, to be able to sell products without having to buy them first.” In this way, he decided to lean towards promoting reusable metal cigarettes.

After all this, Jackson Greathouse Fall indicated that he achieved sales for 1,280 euros and managed to have his venture valued at 23,000 euros, figures that he has not publicly demonstrated but which he claims to have reached.

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