Leadership Style in the Digital Age

How to be a leader in the digital age? Learn about the qualities that companies demand and that every digital leader must have in a highly technological context.

We live in a technological world that has been transforming, both in the way of acting and behaving and thus influencing practically all areas of life, including the workplace.

This digitization is modifying how entrepreneurs run their businesses, and therefore, the importance of prioritizing how to make them work optimally, distinguishing their objectives, the tools used and how to communicate with customers.

All these changes have led us to mold or create a figure known as a digital leader. Why do we say mould or originate?

This new style of leadership has always been present in business. However, it has been necessary to adapt to the digital age in which we live and become what we know today as a digital leader.

Skills for Leadership in the Digital Age

Currently, this figure needs to lead a group whose main function is to motivate all its members, but what qualities does this figure need to have for this digital leadership style?

Good Communication

Every digital leader must strengthen his communication skills since he must stand out by speaking clearly, directly and precisely. The other team members properly record a message with these characteristics in the same way that it generates security and knowledge in case of going to higher positions.

For this, it is essential to introduce assertiveness in our field of work. A leader must defend his ideas and rights while respecting others at all times, without being aggressive or passive, thus improving the social image, fostering respect for other people, facilitating communication and enhancing dispute resolution.

Furthermore, various work methodologies can be introduced to promote the practicality of task development, such as the waterfall model, a process in which the work is carried out in a linear and staggered manner, with an order Sequentially, on the other hand, is the Scrum methodology, it is used to generate a project cycle where the tasks are worked on individually, and later meetings are held to put together the work done and observe the collaboration of each one and their way of coping with the part of the project.

Decision Making

As we all know, decision-making is one of the most important aspects when running a business since, on many occasions, the processes are not clear, and there will be moments of uncertainty in which it will be necessary to take risks.

However, regardless of the type of decision you need to make, the leadership style is characterized by arriving at decision-making after having reflected and considered the pros and cons that this situation may entail, and thus quickly analyzing the problem and what is next. Action.

Above all, a leadership expert can never contemplate the fear of error: his perfectionism in anticipating possible consequences or variables through the following method:

  • Know the goal to which to go
  •  Assess available resources
  •  Consider the different alternatives
  •  Evaluate the possible result according to the chosen alternatives
  •  Make a decision based on all that analysis

Creative Thinking

The main objective for your team to stand out or achieve exceptional results is that, as a digital leader, you provide your team with all the necessary material to reach those results.

You are not in charge of giving them solutions or answers or paths to follow, but your team, thanks to your indications, can reach those goals on its own, thus promoting creativity and teamwork.

Yes, you are the leader of your team, but that does not mean you have to control and perform everything that happens.

One of the most important and, at the same time, complex skills for a digital leader is the delegation of tasks to team members.

Currently, we can control all these delegations that we assign to our team through numerous digital tools such as Holded, Asana or Trello, widely used to organize projects, delivery terms and control, so it will not be difficult to keep track of follow-up, at the same time that we delegate these, you can take that time to invest it in other missions, in this way both the team and you will advance optimally in the project.

You can influence the team to strategically achieve the different objectives set through persuasive management, increasing commitment and productivity.

At this point, we will achieve all our objectives thanks to the discipline of Game Theory, a method whose primary aim is to study strategic behaviour so that the participants of your team make the best decision, which depends on the decisions made by all the members.

Future Vision

Your main objective is to make the business move forward, considering the objectives you want to achieve in the long term. To bring this skill to your team, you must possess strategic intelligence to anticipate change and emotional intelligence.

As a leader, your main objective is to develop a work environment that creates a brilliant team: A great leader makes more leaders, not followers or workers.

It would help if you navigated through forward-thinking, were open to new ideas, technologies and trends, respected company values and developed future leaders.

How to Become a Leader in the Digital Age

We have already mentioned some of the most essential skills that must be considered for an impeccable leadership style, but how can we achieve all of them and become indispensable figures for the company where we work?

One of the most complete options is the Master in Internet Business, which is responsible for redefining and consolidating your professional career through the trial-and-error method, which is basically what teaches us about the difficulties we can encounter when doing our job.

Have you ever heard or, from your own experience, know that theory is all very well, but what works in practice? Sure you do. That’s why at ISDI, we offer all kinds of real situations so that you can put them to use and operate as if you were in a real situation as the team leader.

Master’s Program in Internet Business

In this complete program, you will be able to train and develop in the leadership style you need: action plans, business strategies, use of technology for development and innovation, among many other sections, all through concepts such as assertiveness, character perspective and rejection of aggressiveness, among other aspects.

The professors who teach these skills in the Master in Internet Business are specialists in their sector and leaders in their respective areas, which highlights that everything you will learn has value and can lead you to be a great expert in leadership.

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