Skin Problems Caused by Face Mask and their Treatment

Face Mask

Hi friends, For the last two years, in every season, we have been stepping out only after wearing a mask. To prevent the spread of COVID among family members, people often have to wear the mask inside the house also.

Health Problems Caused by Face Masks

Now, wearing a mask for several hours in the day can lead to irritation/allergy on the face and neck. Also, if facewash/moisturizer is used on the face, it causes itching and a burning sensation.

People also suffer from fungal infections also, And due to constant rubbing of the mask fabric on the nose and chin, black marks and blemishes are formed.

Besides this, there is also an acne outbreak in the areas covered by the mask. Now, as the summer approaches and the weather gets hotter, this problem will only increase with time, and we are still determining how long we will have to wear the mask!

So what is the main reason why wearing a mask is causing these problems? And what is the best way to deal with this?

When do Face Masks Cause Skin Problems

The primary cause of these problems is that the maximum number of people wear the same mask daily, without even washing it once. When you step outside wearing a mask, the dust, smoke, and other pollution, all collect on the mask’s surface.

While on the inside of the mask, the carbon dioxide expelled by your lungs and bacteria-laden breath from your mouth and nose collects on the inside surface of the mask. That is why your mask is already quite dirty when you get home, but many people take it off and leave it and wear the same dirty mask the next day while going out.

Over a few days, this pollution and dirt-ridden mask begins to irritate your skin, leading to allergies and infections in your facial skin.

Problems Caused by Tight Face Masks

Many people tie their masks very tightly, making the nose and chin (always in contact with the mask) darken.

Correct Way to Use Face Masks

What should be done to prevent your facial skin from getting damaged due to the mask? And how should it be treated if there is some irritation on your skin? I will tell you about this.

First, as soon as you remove the mask after returning home, please wash it well with soap and water and hang it to dry. So when you leave your house, please wear this clean, washed mask only.

By doing only this much, the irritation on your face, as well as infection, will get stopped in its tracks immediately. Please do not tightly tie the mask to your face because it causes abrasion against the nose and chin, leading to darkening or reddening skin in that area.

An overnight mask also begins to cause pain behind your ears where the mask is fastened.

Treating Skin Problems Caused by Face Masks

Now, if you are already suffering from an allergy or infection due to wearing a mask, so, first and foremost, as I have already advised you, always wear a clean and washed mask.

Secondly, do not use Soap, Facewash, Dettol, or Savlon to wash your face. Use only plain water to wash your face.

If your face is filthy, then you can use something like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to wash it. After that, apply a good, nonscented moisturizer such as Cold Pressed Coconut Oil or Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, do not apply anything else on your face.

If your face has started itching and has developed black or red patches or fungal infection, and if your facial skin is burning even if you apply oil or moisturizer, then you should do this in the morning and at night time – Please wash your face with plain water and then pat it dry gently with a clean, soft towel.

Please remember not to rub your face at all. Next, you should get a cream called “Quadriderm RF” and apply it on all the areas of the face where there is an infection, itching, and inflammation. This cream must be applied daily, in the morning and evening, for a week.

You should apply it after washing your face with plain water. Following this routine will heal any infection and allergy on your face. Thank you!

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