How to Remove Dark Circles Quickly and Effectively


For more treatments and products on the market, not all work as quickly as we would like. Find out how to eliminate once and for all those annoying spots under your eyes.

There are more and more creams, treatments, remedies, and makeup tricks that try to end the dreaded tired look. However, not all of them are truly effective. Dark circles reflect sleeplessness, poor circulation, or simply retaining liquids. Therefore, here we show you how to remove dark circles quickly and effectively with home remedies and little tricks that will make a difference.

To help your dark circles not be a problem, there are certain habits that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day.

How to Remove Dark Circles Quickly and Effectively

How to Remove Dark Circles Quickly

Clean Area

Some people get dark circles due to allergies, so keep them at bay by keeping your room clean and air-flowing, especially your pillow and bed.

Clean Room

A clean area is key to avoiding allergies, which can cause your purple circles.

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Bye-bye, Makeup

It is important that you always remove your makeup before going to sleep without any excuse. Any product can irritate your eyes, and this can cause swelling in the area.

Sleep Well

Sleeping at least 8 hours daily is the key to a fresh face. The ideal position would be lying on a firm pillow on your back for optimal blood circulation. Restful sleep is essential for your health.

Waking Up

In the morning, apply a moisturizing cream and your eye contour to reduce inflammation in the area.

Goodbye Tobacco and Alcohol, Hello Water

Eliminate these bad habits, as they contribute to the premature aging of your cells. On the other hand, H2O is an incomparable ally, which will make you stay hydrated.

Two liters of water a day to preserve your beauty

Eliminate bad habits and drink plenty of water to help improve the appearance of your dark circles.

Wet towel or Cloth

Before bed, put a clean, wet towel or rag in the refrigerator. The next day, get it and lie down, place it on your face, and leave it there for five minutes.

Tea Bags

Steep two bags of green, black, or chamomile in cold water for one minute. Then, cover your eyes with them and let them act for ten minutes.

Tea Bags for the Eyes

Cold tea bags will freshen up your look.

Vitamin E

These capsules help improve circulation. Break them and apply them with a light massage in the area. You will notice the results!


This fruit, abundant in water, will help hydrate the area and thus leave it softer. Cut two slices and put them on your eyes, then let them act for 15 minutes.

Cucumber is a great moisturizer.

Coffee and Honey

Make a mixture of soluble or already ground coffee with honey. Then, when you have a jelly-like mass left, place it under each eye and leave it for ten minutes. Finally, rinse all the residue from your face, and you will see the result.

Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera under your eyes before going to sleep or putting on your makeup. Massage the gel with soft circular movements until it is fully absorbed. This will help reduce swelling and leave your skin smooth.

Aloe Vera Gel

The aloe vera gel will also help you refresh your look.

A Spoon

To quickly refresh the dark circle area, use a spoon; leave it for 10 to 15 minutes in the freezer, then cover your dark circles with it until the utensil warms up.

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