What are Food Supplements? Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Food Supplements

What are Food Supplements?

Hi friends Nowadays there is a trend amongst the youth: taking food supplements. That is why you must be aware of essential food supplements before you take any food supplement to gain weight or lose weight for bodybuilding or even general health. So, first of all, what are food supplements?

Food supplements are concentrated vitamins, minerals, and herbs such as garlic and many other medicinal plants, as well as protein powders, and energy drinks are included in the category of food supplements.

If taken in a limited quantity or to replenish the lack of any vitamin, mineral, or protein in the body, then these supplements are beneficial. However, if the body does not need these supplements or if these supplements are used to replace traditional/normal food items, then there can be immense harm caused to the body.

Harmful Effects of Food Supplements

Nowadays, people are in so much of a hurry and want results so quickly that they consider sitting down to eat a healthy proper meal a “waste of time” instead opting to drink expensive protein shakes, energy drinks, and vitamin supplements, thinking that it is a high-quality diet and that it will keep them healthy.

But what one has to think about is that all these items are called food supplements because they are meant to be supplemental or “add-ons” to the regular traditional diet. Food supplements are not meant to replace normal food in any way.

If, even after eating a well-rounded diet, or due to some disease, there is a lack of necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, or energy, then taking the required supplements along with your food is beneficial. Still, if you put aside your normal/main diet and depend too much on supplements, it can be pretty healthy.

A recent and tragic example is the death of famous singer KK due to cardiac arrest. According to the initial reports, there were many different kinds of supplemental medicines, as well as ayurvedic medicines and antacids, in his system at the time of death.

This clearly illustrates that to maintain a high profile, a busy lifestyle ends up causing damage to their health and body. In a regular, well-rounded diet, in adequate quantities, one gets all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and trace elements. In contrast, food supplements usually contain a concentrated high dose of only one or two vitamins, minerals, or amino acids.

The other point to note is that taking excess food supplements can cause acidity. Again, coming back to the initial news reports, there were 3-4 different kinds of antacids found in KK’s system at the time of his passing.

Antacids are medicines that reduce digestive acidity, so food supplements should either be taken with food or right after eating. This ensures they are well mixed with the normal food and thus correctly digested.

This information is mainly for those people who are regularly taking food supplements. Thirdly, nowadays, whenever people take any food supplement, they want to see the results of it as fast as possible.

Due to this, there is pressure of sales and marketing on the manufacturers, so to deliver quick results, some manufacturers choose to include steroids/hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone derivatives along with regular supplements. All this causes fast growth of muscles and bones. Still, you should also know that our heart is an organ that is only made of muscle tissue, and if you follow the advice of unqualified trainers, instructors, etc….

When folks hit the gym, they often start sipping energy drinks, chugging protein shakes, and taking vitamins. But here’s the twist: just like how muscles in the body grow, the heart muscles can also get more extensive oddly. This makes the heart’s pumping power drop, making it harder to move blood around the body. And guess what? This makes the risk of a heart attack shoot up like crazy.

Even at a young age, In the end, if you take food supplements after careful consideration, research, and in appropriate quantities, then they can be very useful. If you take vitamins, iron, and other mineral supplements for a month or so, every six months more than adequately makes up for the deficit of any of these essential vitamins and minerals in the body.

Safe & Good Food Supplement Recommendations

I’ll tell you the names of some good supplements – To make up for the lack of iron in the blood, you can take 1 capsule of Dexorange every night after dinner for one month.

A good supplement for Vitamin B & other trace elements is Becosules Z Capsules. You should take one capsule after breakfast every day. This contains all the vitamins of the “B” group and zinc and calcium, which keep our hair healthy. Otherwise, you could try Apex Pharma’s Zincovit Syrup. You should have one tablespoon of this daily after breakfast and one tablespoon after dinner at night.

For children less than 12 years of age, you should give them one TEASPOON once a day after breakfast. This contains Vitamins A, B, D, E, Complex, and Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium trace elements.

This is a complete and holistic tonic for healthy skin and general health. As far as protein supplements go, the most easily digestible and beneficial supplement is Whey protein, which is obtained after reducing milk curds. Dr. Morepen’s 100% Whey Protein Powder is quite good.

But like I have told you earlier, this is not food. This should be taken appropriately. It would help if you only took it once daily, per your requirement. Use 1 or 2 tablespoons mixed in milk or water as you prefer.

It would help if you never consumed excess protein shakes/powders. Many people nowadays carry a bottle full of protein shakes as almost a fashion statement and keep taking sips from it all day. Such people should be aware that proteins taken in excess can severely damage your liver. In energy drinks the most effective energy drink is Fresh Fruit Juice.

I do not recommend drinks like Red Bull regularly at all. These contain a lot of caffeine, which is detrimental to health if used regularly.

Most Effective & Natural Food Supplement

Those who would like to take natural supplements instead of medicinal ones can opt for the healthiest and most effective option, Chyawanprash. Chywanprash is a beneficial ayurvedic supplement made from fruits like Amla and several other powerful and valuable herbs. Plus, it is a 100% natural food supplement.

This contains Iron, Vitamin C, and calcium in a good amount. This helps treat anemia, increases immunity, keeps the body healthy, gives it energy, strengthens bones, keeps the skin glowing, and prevents hair loss.

Though you can consume chyawanprash any time of the day if you take one tablespoon of chyawanprash after food at night and a glass of warm milk, you will not get acidity. You will also not get constipation, thus keeping the stomach clean. 

Friends, I hope you have liked this of mine and that whenever you want to take food supplements, you will take them with due diligence and only when needed. Remember that a healthy, well-rounded diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle! Thank you!

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