20+ Best Analytics Tools You Need To Know in 2023


Analytics tools are fundamental and vital to any digital marketing strategy. You will find them very diverse and with very different applications. We bring you a small guide with practical analytical tools for the web, competition, and Social Media.

Working with analytics in our digital marketing campaigns is essential. Therefore, knowing the various tools that can help us obtain the data we need is essential.

Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

It is one of the best-known and most-used web analytics tools globally. It provides metrics and statistics about website traffic, traffic sources, user behavior, conversions, etc. Google Analytics is free and is supported by most websites.

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Google Search Console

The tool, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, shows you how your website performs on Google. It shows you how your site appears in searches, clicks received, impressions, and click-through rate (CTR), among other valuable data.

Adobe Analytics

It is an enterprise data analysis tool that provides advanced and detailed reports on user behavior on your website. It is beneficial for large companies with more complex analysis needs.


This open-source web analytics tool gives users complete control over their analytics data. You can host Matomo on your server, providing greater data privacy and security.


This tool offers heat maps, user session recordings, and conversion funnel analysis. It is an excellent option to understand how visitors interact with your website and find areas for improvement in the user experience.

Crazy Egg

Like Hotjar, Crazy Egg also provides heat maps and click tracking to visualize how users interact with your website and which areas attract the most attention.

Mix Panel

It is a user behavior analytics tool that tracks and analyzes specific user actions within a web or mobile application. It is ideal for technology companies and mobile applications.


Another tool focused on user behavior analysis and conversion attribution. User’s interactions with your website and actions that lead them to become customers are easier to understand when you observe how they interact with it.

Competitor Analytics Tools


This tool provides traffic and user behavior data on your competitor’s website. It shows you metrics like total traffic, traffic sources, most visited pages, average time spent on the site, and more. It also offers information about the digital marketing strategies used by your competitors, such as paid advertising campaigns and organic traffic sources.


In addition to being a keyword analysis tool, SEMrush allows you to perform competitor analysis. You can get information about the keywords your competitors rank for, their backlink strategies, paid ads, and more.


It is a complete SEO and backlink analysis tool. It allows you to see which websites your competitors are linking to, the keywords they are ranking for, and their link-building strategies.


This tool analyzes the competition regarding paid search marketing (PPC). You can see the keywords your competitors are bidding on, how their paid ads perform, and get insights into their AdWords campaigns.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Numerous social media analytics tools will help you measure the performance of your social accounts, analyze follower behavior, and improve your social media marketing strategy. In addition, each of the social networks offers you their statistics.

Hoot Suite

This platform allows you to manage and schedule posts on multiple social networks simultaneously. It also provides detailed reports and analytics on the performance of your posts and the growth of your followers on different platforms.


Like Hootsuite, Buffer is a tool for scheduling posts on various social networks and analyzing the performance of your content.

Sprout Social

It offers advanced social media analytics, brand monitoring, and post-scheduling features. It provides you with real-time reports and social listening tools to learn about opinions and mentions about your brand.


In addition to its competitor analysis functionality, Socialbakers also offers social media analytics, tracking key metrics, detailed reporting, and the ability to track your competitors on social media.


This tool allows you to monitor mentions of your brand and relevant topics on social networks and the web. It also provides sentiment analysis and data on the top influencers mentioning your brand.


It is a tool focused on Instagram analytics. It provides detailed metrics on follower growth, post engagement, best times to post, and more.

Social Mention

It is a free social listening tool that helps you track mentions of your brand across different social media platforms and blogs. It also provides sentiment analysis and top mentions.


He specializes in real-time keyword and hashtag analysis. It allows you to track specific hashtags, view their reach, and analyze audience engagement around those hashtags.

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