9 Signs Someone Isn’t Actually Rich

Fake rich people are all around us, all the time. They pretend they have loads of money, know more than we do, or own more than we do, but they don’t.

Fake rich people are everywhere, and they can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be spotted and called out for their behavior. That’s why today we’re going to cover the top 9 ways to spot someone who is fake rich.

This will help you spot the fake people so you can avoid them because, of course, you don’t want to surround yourself with liars who have nothing better to do than try to put you down. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to spot them a mile away and protect your own financial peace.

9. They have little money in savings.

Most people have two bank accounts: a checking account and a savings account. Savings accounts tend to be used purely for emergencies or big purchases, leaving the checking account for bills, groceries, entertainment, and other everyday expenses.

This is one of the major things that separates the truly rich from the fake rich. If you talk to someone who is actually rich, they’ll probably swear up and down that they’re broke.

They might only have one hundred dollars left in their checking account after they pay their bills, but at the end of the day, they will probably have thousands upon thousands of dollars stashed away in their savings for emergencies, big purchases like a home or vehicle, new tech, or debt repayment.

Fake rich people spend all their money, so they don’t have anything left to put in their savings. This prevents them from accumulating wealth over time as well.

8. They constantly seek validation.

People who are fake rich act as if they’re wealthy for one purpose: attention. They want to attract attention to make themselves feel important, strong, smart, or capable.

Using their money, they flaunt their lifestyle choices to draw in compliments on how amazing they look, how cool their new car is, or how lucky they are to go on lavish vacations.

Spotting someone living in debt and not actually rich is easy because they constantly talk about their wealth. Truly rich individuals don’t feel the need to flaunt their wealth to everyone, especially those outside their immediate circle.

After all, discussing money or displaying lavish lifestyles might attract envy and potential security risks. If someone constantly seeks outside validation for their money-related life choices, there’s a chance they’re fake rich.

Note that seeking validation for their wealth isn’t the same as simply posting about a cool new car they got—someone seeking validation for their money likely posted it, talked about it, called you, and followed up with, “Yeah, I threw down $2K or $3K” in every conversation they can fit it into.

7. They own a ton of expensive things

As mentioned earlier, people who are fake rich will do whatever they can to flaunt their supposed wealth. Even if they aren’t seeking validation (which is almost never the case), someone fake rich will own and show off a slew of expensive items they’ve acquired over time.

They probably have a flashy new sports car or an extravagant clothing item that costs exorbitant amounts of money. Perhaps they bought a house obviously too large for them just to prove they can.

Their spending habits, especially if they buy things that don’t align with their salary and how they make money, can indicate they’re not only swimming in debt but also fake rich.

6. They love one-upping others.

People who are fake rich often believe in the stereotype that rich people are mean, as portrayed in TV shows or movies.

While it’s not accurate to say that all rich individuals are unkind, truly wealthy people don’t typically enjoy putting others down or making them feel inferior.

Fake rich individuals seek a sense of power in their lives. If they can’t achieve it through genuine financial success, they resort to belittling others and engaging in one-upmanship.

They thrive on ensuring that others feel inferior to them, perpetuating the idea that everyone is beneath them.

However, the truth is that there’s no justification for treating people this way. Such behavior only reveals the fake rich person’s true character.

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5. They are living paycheck to paycheck.

As mentioned earlier, fake rich people don’t actually have real money. They have debt and nothing waiting for them in savings—it all comes in and out as their paycheck comes and goes.

It’s that simple. One of the most important ways of figuring out if someone is fake rich is by learning how they live.

Do they live off their paycheck and have nothing left to put into their savings? They probably won’t admit it—they’re likely too prideful—but the truth can be seen in how they react when bills come around.

If they seem agitated and angrier than normal, they’re probably living paycheck to paycheck.

Notice their reactions compared to the rest of the month when it comes to money and big purchases—do they use their credit card or their debit card?

4. They’re unhappy

Truth be told, fake rich people are always unhappy. They can’t understand that life has more to offer than money. They don’t realize they can still have a great life, a great time, and fantastic experiences without money (even though, of course, money understandably helps).

However, people who are fake rich are almost always unhappy when they’re seemingly swimming in their riches because of one simple thing—they feel hollow.

Money can’t buy happiness, and at the end of the day, people who are fake rich don’t actually own anything.

They only own debt and are constantly trying to find ways to pay off their big spending habits. This results in them feeling unhappy and dependent because the truth is simple: they aren’t happy.

3. They’re never satisfied

Fake rich people are seemingly never satisfied. They always find people to compare themselves to or experiences to covet. There’s always a reason for them to not be content with what they have, and they will never be happy.

They will never be satisfied, to quote Angelica from Hamilton. If you’re trying to spot someone who is fake rich, observe if they ever find contentment in life.

Are they ever genuinely happy or excited about things? Or are they constantly talking about what they lack, showing you Instagram and Facebook posts about the things they want but don’t have? You can often tell who is fake rich purely through how they react to others having things they desire.

They will never be satisfied with what they have, and it will likely bother everyone they.

1. All they talk about is money

Someone who is fake rich will only talk about money because that’s all they care about. They want to discuss how much money they have, how much money others have, how much money they want to have, and so much more.

They don’t have a personality outside of money and how much they make. It’s one thing to talk about money when it naturally comes up in conversation, but it’s another to constantly bring up money when it wasn’t even involved.

These people will enter a random conversation and mention that they bought a new car last week, or inquire if you’ve been paid or promoted yet.

They only care about money, so that’s all they’ll talk about! This is the crown jewel of tips. If all they talk about is money, they also likely exhibit the other signs mentioned here.

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