10 Best Skills to Learn for Future – Hard Skills VS Soft Skills

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You know that according to Forbes Magazine, the net worth of Jeff Bezos is more than the net worth of the entire British Royal Family. Their per minute earning is about 1.7 crores, and by the end of this article, Jeff Bezos must have earned so much some people will not be able to earn even in their entire life.

Now I am not discouraging anyone by saying all this. Instead, I am making you realize that Jeff Bezos is living proof. If you have a learning mindset and extraordinary skills, both hard and soft skills, you too can become a self-made billionaire.

And you can become richer than a royal family. In today’s time, the world is changing very fast, but even today, we see education as just an event that goes to school goes to college, gets good marks, gets a job and finishes.

But we ignore some statistics. You know that out of all the jobs available today, at least 25% have been created in the last 25 years. And an average person changes more than 7 jobs in his career. Again, I’m not telling you all this to discourage you.

And I am not saying that whatever you are doing, leave it and start doing something new. No, it’s not going to help. Instead, I want to tell you one thing: to keep learning attitude, keep learning that too 2 critical things, 1. Some hard and soft skills are essential for you even after being at any age in any field.

Both of these things are very important to move forward. Only then will you be able to achieve big things like big people? So remember that first of all, it is important that you have a learning mindset, and after that, you should focus on the skills.

As I have already said that there are 2 types of skills, One is hard skills, and the other is soft skills. On the one hand, people focus only on hard skills, while on the other hand, some people focus only on soft skills; but the truth is that if you want to move ahead in life, if you want to move forward quickly, then it is very important to have both the skills inside you. You see, all successful people have both these skills.

What are hard skills? Hard skills are usually those that you use to work, actually, according to your position. If you are a chef, cooking is one of your hard skills. Or if you are a software programmer, coding is one of your hard skills.

Now, schools and colleges focus more on these skills, which is good And the good thing is that in today’s time, learning these skills has become much easier. On the other hand, soft skills are normal day-to-day basic skills which you may not major well, but they are helpful.

For this, usually, you do not get all these certificates. Still, the certificate shows your character, behaviour, and mindset, which can sometimes be important even with hard skills. That is why today I will share with you 10 such skills, Out of which 5 will be hard skills, and 5 will be soft skills in great demand. If you learn them, you will go a long way in life. Now let’s start.

1. Digital Marketing Plus Soft Skill – Influencing and Persuading Skills

Skill no. 1 of hard skill – digital marketing plus soft skill – influencing and persuading skills. You must have often heard about digital marketing because this skill is trending. And the reason for being in trend is that in today’s time, everything from shopping to education has gone online.

In fact, you know, an average person spends only 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on social media. People are paying a lot of attention to social media on the internet.

That’s why thousands of brands are fighting to get this online attention, which helps digital marketers get this attention.

Marketers use their skills to grab the attention of more and more people towards a specific brand. SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many more things are used here.

The simple thing is that in the future, many businesses will keep coming, and technologies will keep coming so that everyone wants to sell something.

To sell, they need the attention of the people, which is the maximum nowadays on the internet. That’s why digital marketing is a skill whose demand is very high even today, and as long as there is internet, it will be in demand.

2. Influencing

2. Influencing, Persuasion

The 2nd soft skill is – Influencing, Persuasion. Look, friends, you have to influence people every day at some point, whether it is to influence a person to crack a deal influence someone to spend time with someone or take a favour from someone.

If you want to impress the boss, or sell something, then you need the skill of influencing at every such time. You can manipulate people where you can speak but for some good reason.

There is an excellent book on influencing, Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, whether it is your team members, family members, friends, or anyone else.

3. Blockchain Technology

3. Blockchain Technology

The 3rd skill is the hard skill which is related to Blockchain technology. When the Internet came in the 1990s, many websites were being made.

People were slowly shifting to the Internet, and today such a time has come that today we cannot even imagine our life without the Internet.

If the net does not work even for a short time, then we get upset we have become so dependent on the internet. The thing is that blockchain is being called the new internet.

It is pretty new, people are moving towards it fast, and it is expanding. And there is a lot of chance that in today’s time, it will become so hit that people will not be able to spend their life without it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, all this is going on, NFT, everything that is going on, blockchain technology is behind all these things. It has so much power that it can change the current financial system.

And it can help people in many things because perfect changes can come in the world. So learning about this technology and having hard skills will benefit you.

4. Time Management

time management

4th skill is a very important soft skill, but many people do not understand its value, time management.

Today, it has become challenging for people to manage their time because of many distractions. This skill is very important not only for your career but also for your personal life, relationships, health, mental health even physical health. For all of these, it’s very important.

Because you must know that the thing which is the biggest asset for us, which is more important than money, is our time.

And if we cannot manage our best asset well and keep wasting it, it will hurt us greatly. So, after reading this article, I would only say that if you want to learn, which you can learn easily, then that skill will be time management.

If you want to learn about time management, there are many excellent books related to time management, *Eat that Frog*, *and Getting things done*.

5. Data Science

5. Data Science

The 5th skill, which is a hard skill, is Data Science. Look, you must know that data is also called new oil. Some people also call this digital oil.

One who understands the value of this oil understands the science behind it and learns related skills from it. There is a lot of demand in the market today.

Because with the help of this, today a big company is earning a lot of money. Look, in today’s time. Everything is data-driven. Data is being used in almost every field.

By using data, using statistics, people can predict which thing will sell more, who will vote for whom, who is where, when is he doing what, and when can he do all these things because of AI & machine learning because People can predict humans, predict their moves by analyzing data. Data is also used a lot in marketing to reach direct customers.

Many such things are happening related to data. Therefore, the demand for Data Scientists is also increasing very fast.

Big companies need a big specialist who can use the data they have to make the process more efficient and help make money. That’s why you can earn a lot of money if you learn this skill too.

6. Work Ethic and Motivation

6th skill is a soft skill: work ethic and motivation. Look, I think one thing that differentiates a successful person from an average person is an exceptional work ethic.

For example, Elon Musk works 10 to 16 hours daily. You must have heard this line, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

This is true if you mix hard work with clever work. Author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10000 hours for you to become a master of any skill, and if you practice any skill for 10000 hours, then you can achieve mastery in it. The thing will help you to do big things that will make you world-class.

That is why, while understanding this, you must never be afraid before doing hard work. Always try to stay motivated.

Be in any field, whatever work you are doing; if you have a strong work ethic, if people start getting impressed by your strong work ethic, if your work ethic is so good, you come on time. Everyone likes this thing very much if you work hard and give extra effort.

This thing will motivate your colleagues and motivate your employees. Fact Universe also likes this thing very much, after which Universe also gives you a lot in return.

So also keep in mind that you must have a good work ethic and stay motivated in life.

7. Product Management

Product Management

Now let’s come to the next hard skill, Product Management. Product Management has recently emerged as a new skill. Still, in actuality, this hard skill combines your many different skills where you manage a product and take many decisions about that product.

Design, features, price, everything is in your hands, and your analytical and critical thinking is used often. You can assume that you are the CEO of that product where all the final decisions are in your hands.

This skill is very important because, with this, you learn how to create a product, whether it is digital or physical. Different types of products will keep coming in the future.

That is why if you become a product manager, there is a lot of demand for it, and money is also good. This skill will be very handy even if you think of doing business.

The truth is that product management can also make you a CEO of a company. For example, if you give an interesting example, Susan, CEO of YouTube, was the product manager of Google Adsense before. Google CEO Sundar Pichai also started his career at Google as a product manager, where he used to manage Google’s toolbar.

8. Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Next comes soft skills, which are leadership skills. Many people confuse leadership skills with management skills. Being a manager is a job title where some people work under you, and you have to manage and check whether the work is being done properly.

On the other hand, being a leader is not a title Leadership is not just a specific position. Being a leader means working together not by keeping people under, not by supervising them but by guiding them.

Chasing your goals with your entire team, keeping everyone motivated and having this small difference in human beings is sometimes very important to create big results in life.

You notice, what happens many times is people with the same education, same qualification, and same hard skills go to do some work But one gets a promotion early, starts early, doing well in life. Why? Because he has leadership skills, which aren’t seen in most people, you should also have this skill in you.

10. Coding


Now coming to the last hard skill, which is coding. According to Indeed, web development is the highest-paying job today in today’s time, where the quantity of computers is equal to that of humans which is why it is very important for you to learn their language.

Just as English is in high demand as the language of humans Same, there are computer languages, in which many languages ​​are in great demand.

If you learn them from this, you will be able to talk well with computers and get many things done from them which if you do not learn, you will not be able to get them done.

Look coding has become a very important skill in today’s time. If you learn it, you can achieve many things. Because nowadays we have become very dependent on computers. All our work, you can say, is related to computers.

If something happens to computers, then the whole world will stop. People will not be able to do any work well because we are so dependent on this important technology. That is why understanding this important thing, if you learn a computer language, can also help you earn a lot.

And this hard skill will be very much in demand as long as computers exist. I think it will be there for a long time.

10.1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The last soft skill that you must possess is Emotional Intelligence. Often in our professional life, we ​​forget that we are all human beings.

We start treating ourselves like robots and others too, and we should do this work, but this work should not be done. We set many rules and don’t want to do things apart from them. Due to this, many problems start coming up in our relationship.

Remember, a human is not a more logical creature but an emotional creature that, whenever it takes action, takes it based on emotions and not based on logic. Look, remember one thing, the people you work with are not computers. They are not robots.

Yes, robots and computers can be controlled by coding but not humans. If you want to work well with humans, sell products to humans, and do something big with them, then understanding emotions is also very important.

Without understanding human emotion, you will never be able to achieve big things. You should understand that when people are happy, sad, and motivated, by what things they are motivated by, why they work, why they do not work, all these things happen because of emotion.

You can say understanding all these things is the key to success. If you understand these things and increase your intelligence, you can do a lot. You can get people to do a lot.


Now, I want you to comment on all the skills I will tell you, which is the most important according to you. Or else I want you to comment and tell me which skill I have missed and which I should have put in this. That’s it for now.

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